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Section One: Property and Tenancy Details

Please read the following notes:

1. You can only apply for the voluntary Right to Buy discount if you are a tenant of this property and you have a unique reference number from the Government’s website.

2. Please make sure you are applying to the right landlord. If you apply to the wrong landlord, your unique reference number may be void and you may have to reapply.

3.You must not sell, let or sub-let the property within 5 years of purchase. If you do so, you will be liable to repay some or all of the voluntary Right to Buy discount, according to the terms set out in the sales contract. If this causes significant financial distress, Stonewater may be willing to grant you permission to let the property, but you must seek their agreement first. Full details of Stonewater's VRTB Policy can be found here.

Digital Gateway Unique Reference number:




Council or Borough:

Current tenancy start date (note: to be eligible this cannot be within the last 12 months)

- -

You must have a minimum of 3 years tenancy with a housing association or public sector landlord such as a local authority, please click here for a full list. This does not have to be in one go - you may have split your tenancy over a number of separate periods. (Unfortunately, we cannot consider temporary tenancies / accommodation).

How long in total have you been a tenant of a public sector landlord? (excluding temporary tenancies / accommodation)

Previous tenancies: (Please list all landlords for your public sector tenancies)

You will need to send proof of tenancy from all your previous landlords for the total public sector tenancy period you are claiming with your application. This can either be a letter from your previous landlord or copies of your previous tenancy agreements. (Please note it is up to yourself as Tenant to source these documents and Stonewater cannot act for you in this regard).

Previous Tenancy:

Please provide details of extra members of the new household.

Tenancy: 1

- -
- -

Current property details

Current Property type*:

*Only self-contained properties are eligible; you cannot buy part of a dwelling.

How many bedrooms are there in your property?

Has your property been adapted to suit your housing needs?

Did you receive any direct funding to make any adaptations – i.e. grant to carry out works such as an access slope?

Do you have access to a garden?

Do you share any other facility such as laundry?

Do you have any parking available?

Do you have use of a shed?

Do you have use of a garage?

Home Improvements

Only improvements such as a new bathroom, kitchen or extension will be considered as a home improvement. General decoration/maintenance is NOT classed as an improvement. It will be decided during the valuation process whether your improvements have had an impact on the property value, possibly resulting in the home improvement value being deducted from the overall purchase price.

That’s the first bit done. Ready to continue?

Please note that if you click 'Next' button and fields are coloured, they are mandatory and must be filled in.

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