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Stonewater First Come First Serve Guidance

This guidance applies to every allocation of a shared ownership home to a prospective customer.

We will ensure all prospective customers are aware of our approach when offering them a shared ownership home.

We will ensure all prospective customers are aware of the process prior to expending any cost to themselves.

When demand for our shared ownership homes outstrips the supply, it is imperative that we are clear in how we allocate and offer our shared ownership homes to prospective eligible customers.

In line with regulatory guidance, we must be open in offering our shared ownership homes on a first come first served basis. Our first come first serve process at Stonewater is based upon:

Anyone who registers after the first registration will be advised of the fact they are on a waiting list. Should the person in front of them not proceed, they will be contacted before anyone else, subject to any priority applications.


The exception to this is for qualifying Armed Forces personnel and in certain rural locations and sites. Such exceptions where there is an under supply can be summarised as follows:

Ministry of Defence personnel will be prioritised for Shared Ownership schemes where: